Nigerians are mandated to take the IELTS Exams even though we ae an English speaking country.

I think it’s very wrong and simply a means of making money from us.

Over time, it has been clear that the primary motivation for making the IELTS compulsory for Nigerians is financial rather than the advertised test of language proficiency.

Nigeria, with English as its official language and as a member of the Commonwealth, should not have been had to take the IELTS test before working or studying in countries such as Canada, America, and the United Kingdom.

To add insult to injury, the prices are exorbitantly costly at N89,500, and the test is only valid for two years. However, the DELF, the French equivalent of the IELTS, costs only N16,000 and is valid for life.

This appears to me to be a manner of undermining Nigeria’s educational system. Why should we pay a major sum to write a test just to show we can communicate in English? Schools here teach English from Kindergarten to University level, therefore why should we spend a significant sum to write a test just to show we can speak in English?

The criteria is unjust to English-speaking countries such as Nigeria, and it should be removed or modified as soon as possible.

The question now is,

Why Are Nigerians Compelled To Write The IELTS Exams Even Though It’s An English Speaking Country?

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