Coronavirus: Nigeria record 747 Covid-19 infections in 24 hours

Nigeria don record dia highest daily confirmed cases of Covid-19 in nearly six months.


Figures from di kontri centre for disease control, NCDC, confam 747 infections in di last 24 hours.

Officials say di kontri don begin experience dia third wave of di pandemic sake of di more contagious Delta variant.

Dis dey come as health authorities confam 32 cases of Delta variant cases of coronavirus for five states across di Kontri.


Tori be say dis dey happun sake of low vaccination rates and strike by doctors for public hospitals. Just around 1% of Nigeria population of around 200 million na im don collect di vaccine so far.

So far country has recorde more than 176, 000 cases of di virus wit more than 2000 deaths since the start of di pandemic last year.

Na Lagos get di highest cases of infection for di kontri wit ova 64, 000 cases.

Symptoms of Delta variant ?

Di symptoms of di Delta variant different small from previous variants.

Data from UK scientists tok say di main symptoms of infection wit di delta variant na headaches, sore throat and runny nose.

Dis different from di official informate on Covid-19 symptoms wey di UK National Health Service provide, wey include, fever, continuous cough and loss of smell or taste.

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