Please Help! My Fiancé Anger Issue Is Worrisome To Me

My fiancé anger issue is worrisome to me. ones she has a bad day, I will get my own share at home.

I have begged her all I need in this marriage is togetherness, peace (she jokingly calls me Mr. peace of mind).

She just graduated, and we are staying together for 2months now.

She can be very sweet and hard-working, caring, can clean, arrange the house.

I don’t expect her to be this all good cos NOBODY is perfect, but her anger issue a big turn off.

When her Project supervisor was purposely frustrating her and told her he will not accept her work and she will not defend (it was sorted out later).

I tried to talk and advise her, she angrily walked out of my car in d middle of the road.

That night she wasn’t talking to me and i started a call n went to the parlour, she came and was asking whom I was talking to, and I said my guy, she queried but why did I go to the parlour.

She flung our engagement ring away without knowing whom i was talking to (not cheating or calling any girl) she makes rash decisions when angry.

Like She can scatter our 2weeks plans cos of a small provocation.

I love her, but the anger issues are killing me.

What Should I Do?

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