I Don’t Like Many Things About Buhari’s Leadership….

🔴But because I’ve been exposed to how systems work, I know through exposure that Buhari is not the major problem of Nigeria….

🔴We have 109 Senators – how are they holding the Executive accountable? What new laws are they making in the interest of National security and unemployment crisis?


🔴We have 360 members of the national House of Representatives – besides the pride of being called Honorable and using their position to obtain favors, what is the impact of these guys in the Nigerian system? Do they even understand their roles in the Nigerian project?

🔴We have permanent secretaries heading different departments, do they not join forces with ministers and commissioners to rape our treasury?

🔴We have 36 State governors, besides living like Emperors, what exactly are these leaders doing for their state?

🔴We have 774 local government chairmen/chairwomen, oh what a bunch of powerless errand boys for their state governors.

Let’s not even talk about the wards and the councilors – that level of leadership is dead.

I have lived in at least 3 different countries with two of those countries in Africa and to be honest with you, the quality of the lives of the citizens is affected more by the leadership of Local Council.

If you are a Nigerian living outside of Nigeria, be honest with yourself and tell me if your Local Municipality is not your first call in the case of service delivery…. Think about this.

Buhari is definitely not my choice of a leader especially in a country with very eloquent, smart and great leaders like Prof Osinbajo, Akinwumi Adesina, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Donald Duke, Babatunde Fashola, Nuhu Ribadu, and many others. However, I respect the choice of millions of Nigerians who voted for Mr. Buhari but for those of us who are critics of this government, I challenge us to first get exposed and educated about how leadership works at different levels.

🔴We must know when to take our protest to our local government council….

🔴We must know when to take our protest to the relevant department/ministry…

🔴We must know when to take our protest to the House of Assembly, House of Representatives, or the Senate.

🔴We must know when to take our protest to the Police Department.

🔴We must know when to take our protest to the Defense Headquarters…

🔴We must know when to take our protests to the judiciary…

We must know when to storm Aso Rock…

The problem we have in Nigeria is that we assume that the failure of the Nigerian State is the responsibility of ONE PERSON and to be honest with you, that mentality is usually mere political sentiment and illiteracy of political processes.

If you are truly exposed and educated, you will know that the first problem of Nigeria is lack of civil education…. That’s why I insist that a National Reorientation Program is the first step to moving Nigeria forward.

Our people needs to be exposed to processes, procedures and systems. We are a very disorganized and dishonest nation. We do not respect queues in banks or public places… We jump queues based on our status… We do not respect traffic lights.

🔴We drive one way risking head on collisions.

🌐We do not consider car seat belts as safety measures and bribe road safety officers when they remind us to use our seat belts.

🌐We need a National Orientation program otherwise, we will continue to burn down infrastructures while protesting for new infrastructure.

🔴We will continue to burn Police stations while demanding for security… We will continue to collect 5000 and rice from politicians while crying that our votes don’t count.

REMEMBER, I didn’t vote for Buhari… I didn’t campaign for him… And though I believe he is responsible for the security of the country, but I also know that Buhari is only 1% of our problem… 99% of our problem in Nigeria is shared between the 109 Senators, 360 members of House of Representatives, 36 Governors, 774 local government leaders, dead ward councilors, double standard Attorney General and judges, sycophantic Political appointees and ignorant citizens…. Each one of us bear at least 0.5% of the blame and that is why we are where we are.

I love Nigeria and Nothing/nobody can make me to stop saying the truth that will Change Nigeria. #Copied

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