JUNE 12 PROTEST!! Will You Participate In The “Buhari Must Go” Protest Today?

The long anticipated June 12 is finally here!

Several groups have announced their intentions to protest nationwide on June 12, Democracy Day, in a bid to persuade the Nigerian government to take stronger action against the daily kidnapping and killing in the country.


Hold on, let’s briefly talk about the Endsars protest in October 2020.

End SARS is a decentralised social movement, and series of mass protests against police brutality in Nigeria.

The slogan calls for the disbanding of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a notorious unit of the Nigerian Police with a long record of abuses.

The protests which takes its name from the slogan started in 2017 as a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #EndSARS to demand the disbanding of the unit by the Nigerian government.

Over 51 civilians were killed in the process, 11 policemen, 7 soldiers according to reports.

Did the Endsars protest yield any positive results? Absolutely nothing if you ask me.

Will the Buhari Must Go Protest make any difference? To be honest I don’t know yet.

How about you? What’s your take?

JUNE 12 PROTEST!! Will You Participate In The “Buhari Must Go” Protest Today?

Let’s hear from you all.

Drop your comment below




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