Pep Guardiola Is A Very Stupid & Over-rated Manager – Here Is Why

A coach as experienced as Pep Guardiola is making this kind of mistake on a Champions League final? – I can’t believe my eyes


Manchester City suffered a big defeat on the night of Champions League final against Chelsea.

A brilliant pass from Mason Mount to Kai Havert gave the blues an underserving victory.

Yes! I said it – underserving victory.

Where Pep Guardiola Got it All Wrong

From the starting line-up, you would have known that Pep was trying to take a big risk on a big match which doesn’t make sense.

Why would you play Kevin De Bruyne in a top striking position when you have G-Jesus and Sergio Aguero in the team un-injured.

De Bruyne who was supposed to be controlling the midfield by distributing passes to SterlingMahrez and a striker on the pitch was seen struggling to get the ball from mid-fielders.

Fernandiho who is a true defensive midfielder was benched and that gave Chelsea a chance to play a counter-ball in between the two Man-city defenders to score.

Imagine Foden and De Bruyne were the ones playing behind Aguero, Chelsea wouldn’t have won.

Overthinking and Oversabi made Guardiola lost the chance to win a Champions league with a team that doesn’t have a Messi.

Foolish Man!! Now Chelsea Agbero fans will be disturbing everywhere and not allow us rest.

For me, Guardiola ruined this match for Man-City and City fans shouldn’t forgive him.

Incase you need to watch the Highlight => CLICK HERE

Guys, What Are Your Thoughts On This?

Do You Think Guardiola Ruined This UEFA Champions League Game For Manchester City?

Drop your comments

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