GUYS!! Asides From Football, Which Other Sport Do You Enjoy Watching?

Football is the most popular sport in the world and arguably the most interesting but some people find other sports interesting just as much.

In Nigeria, we automatically love football because other sports are not well broadcasted as much as football and the government doesn’t support other sports like football.

Back then in secondary school, we were being briefed about other sports in physical and health education but now thanks to satellites we are more enlightened about more sports.

Personally, I love Long tennis and my favorite player is Nadal, I enjoy long tennis almost as much as I love football. Also, I love Basketball, my favorite basketball player is Steph Curry, I follow that guy bumper to bumper.

There are many interesting sports now you guys probably don’t know about. Have you guys heard about Archery, FencingKabaddi?

Well, there are many sports with their fans.

So guys,

GUYS!! Asides from Football, Which Other Sport Do You Enjoy Watching?

Let’s hear from you.

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