YOUR OPINION!! Why Is The Government After Sunday Igboho But Failed To Go After Fulani Herdsmen?

Nigeria should be the number 1 country to live in on earth – no Country can be this worse.

I have all my life seeing how horrible this country was but things kept getting worse as our Leader continues to do more senseless things when other pressing issues are left behind.

While the whole of the Country is busy with the matter of the Zamfara School girls that was kidnapped, the Federal Government felt it is wise to go after Sunday Igboho leaving the most pressing issues behind to suffer.

Click here to watch the video as DSS tries to Arrest Sunday Igboho

This clearly shows they don’t value our lives and they go about doing only the things that favors them only while the people are left to suffer and die. Afterall, it doesn’t disturb them and their family.

Why Sunday Igboho Of All Serious Issues?

From the look of things, one question is ringing in my head and that’s the whole motive behind the arrest of Sunday Igboho even though the Government knows he’s fighting for a good cause (something that they should have done).


Guys, I need you help as regards this question 

Why Is The Government After Sunday Igboho But Failed To Go After Fulani Herdsmen?

I sincerely need answers to this question.

You all should have your say in the comment section.

Drop your comments


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