If Davolee Said Olamide Is Mad, Then He’s Mad” – THIS IS A MUST READ

Olamide Is Mad, Then He’s Mad” – THIS IS A MUST READ

Na person wey go war-front know wetin hin eye see oO!

It’s unfair to judge a man by his actions when you don’t know what he’s been through. Las las na street everybody dey

Yesterday, the whole entertainment space went haywire after rapper, Davolee called his former boss, Olamide a “Mad Man” on Twitter.

However, world people are always quick to judge others and call them names like an ingrate, Stubborn problematic or whatever without asking the question Why?

Olamide is not untouchable or undraggable by someone who doesn’t feel right about how he was treated by the person he sees as a helper.

You all can ask yourselves why Don Jazzy has not been dragged like this despite having signed artistes more than Olamide.

If Davolee Said Olamide is MAD, then he is MAD!!

Is Davolee Ungrateful To Olamide And YBNL?

To Some People, Davolee Is Very Ungrateful

Whatever his eyes see for the lungu of YBNL, he is not supposed to say anything or react in some type of way.

At least Olamide got him on YBNL, he should at least appreciate that platform instead of calling his ancestors “Mad Man”.

The above summed up the reactions of some Olamide worshipers to Davolee’s tweet.

See What Someone Else Felt About The Whole Issue

Meanwhile, picking up from “no matter wetin hin eye see” What is it that their eyes always see that they skip talking about but show hurtful emotions or go silent instead?

Picazo Rhap nurtured this same notion but was rather discreet about it while Temmie Ovwasa and Lyta rather spilled. There’s definitely more to be told and No Olamide is not untouchable.

On what appears to the public eye, kudos to Olamide for his art of having an impact on talents emergence both musicians, cinematographers and skit makers.


Davolee calling him mad or expressing his hurt in the manner he chose is rather rogue but then it’s his feelings – nobody controls that.

So Guys 

Do You Think Went Too Far Calling Olamide A Mad Man?

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