GET IN HERE!! Gen Z vs Millennials – Which Category Of Generation Do You Belong To?

The battle of superiority between the Gen Z and Millennial is currently trending with one generation is smarter and well vast in knowledge than the other.

For many that are not familiar with this let us break it down for you

What is the Generation Z age range?

Members of Gen Z are those born between 1997 and 2015. This puts the age group for Gen Z’ers in the range of 6-24 years old in 2021.

What is the Millennial age range?

We’re defining Millennials as those born between 1981–1997. This means that in 2021, Millennials will be in the 24-40 range.


See other classifications of generation below

Currently, on the bird app, there’s is a face-off between Gen Z and Millennials, with the millennials believing the Gen Z lacks respect and need to be calm to learn.

The Gen Z believed they are smarter especially in this computer age and they know how to use all the latest apps than the Millennials.

So guys,

Gen Z Vs – Which Category Of Generation Do You Belong To?

Who Do You Think Is The Smartest Between The 2 Generations And Why?

Lets hear from you.

Drop comments.

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