No one is above blocking, Wizkid’s 9-year-old son Bolu speaks articulately in video, Nigerians are impressed

Wizkid’s firstborn son, Boluwatife, has addressed naysayers in a lengthy video shared on social media

The youngster cautioned those who accuse him off showing off his talent when he is simply just exploring his gift

– Bolu also made it clear that no one is above getting blocked on his social media page

Singer Wizkid’s son, Boluwatife Balogun, recently had a lot to say to people who have criticized him in the past few days after he was spotted rapping in a video that showed up online.

The young man joined by his mother, Shola Ogudu, decided to address the issue and he made it clear that he was never showing up but simply exploring his talent as someone that can sing.

Tife noted that if people keep making it seem like he is showing off, then he would have no choice but to rub it in their faces

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