WWE Royal Rumble 2021 Results: Roman Reigns Retains Against Kevin Owens

Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing Match to retain the WWE Universal Championship.

Reigns and Owens wrestled a very physical match that saw Owens fly out of the virtual crowd through a pair of tables, and get run over by a golf cart, amid a match filled with plunder and impressive stunts.

Owens’ latest loss was a departure from the theme of Owens failing to overcome constant outside interference at the hands of Reigns’ cousin-turned-goon Jey Uso, who did not make an appearance in this match. Uso was instrumental in previous Reigns wins over Owens with outside interference at TLC and even inside a steel cage on Friday Night SmackDown.

With the WrestleMania picture still very much in the air, 

with only one match reportedly decided upon,

Roman Reigns’ road to WrestleMania will be an intriguing one. Everybody from Daniel Bryan, to Edge to Goldberg has been suggested as a possible rumored opponent after 

initial rumors of The

After sitting out the first half of the pandemic 

due to health reasons, Reigns’ return to WWE as a heel has coincided with rising viewership for SmackDown, which remained steady with 

2.228 million viewers for the go-home show. 

With Reigns set to move on to a new feud starting next week, WrestleMania season viewership for SmackDown are likely to do its best numbers of the year.

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