“I Killed Him In Self- Defense”- Youth Corper Who Murdered Her Boyfriend Confesses

For the past few days, the news of the youth corper who allegedly killed her ‘ boyfriend’ has been going viral. But since then various people have been eager to hear the alleged suspect side of the story. After a bit of suspicion, the young girl has eventually confessed why she did such abominable act.

According to reports, the youth corper identified as Princess Odume said she murdered the young man in self- defence.

On Tuesday, while giving an announcement on the issue, Akwa Ibom State police spokesman, Odiko Ogbeche- Macdon, announced that Princess has confessed that she murdered the young man, but she alleged that she murdered him in self-defense.

She, however, alleged the deceased man had asked her to put off her clothing so he could have intercourse with her, but she had declined. due to that, he was frightened to assassinate her, and that was what resulted in her killing her victim.

Ogbeche- Macdon also added that the young lady alleged she had gone to buy Akara that fateful day, and that was where she met the young man. The young man then called her to come to him, and she obeyed. From there they got chatting, and one thing led to another, and she followed the guy to his apartment.

She said when she got to his house she stayed outside, and before she realized it, the guy moved inside and took a kitchen knife. The guy then commanded her to pull off her clothes, but she rejected. According to her, she was afraid that he was going to murder her and no one would know about what transpired, since there was nobody at the scene. But in the end, she subdued the guy.

The police spokesperson also explained that the deceased man has been recognized as Japhet Akwaowo.

While reporting on the sad event, a young man who identified himself as Odume’ s boyfriend, Henry Obiakwa, announced that he is depressed by the event, because Princess is not a brutal person, adding that he doesn’t know her as someone able of perpetrating such a terrible crime.

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