DO YOU AGREE? Farming Is More Profitable Than Office Jobs In Nigeria

Farming is profitable than office jobs in Nigeria. Some people just wan wear suit, stay under AC, dey chop insult from their Boss, earn below $200 salary las las. You can get sacked at any fvcking time bro. LMAO

Some of you(graduates in particular) are extremely broke/poor but pride, shame, perhaps what people will say, no go allow u get sense. Fvck it! Are they feeding you?

“Never Be Ashamed Of Your Hustle, No One Will Feed You If You Are Broke. Be Dirty To Get Your Food, Instead Of Clean And Hungry”.

In the village, your aged parents has a large farm land. Why not take over from them? Get the farm land fertilized and digitalized as a young learned person you are.

What I mean by digitalized is, getting the farm land registered, create social media pages and a website for it. Get your farm products promoted to reach wider coverages and bigger audiences.

Farming is not for illiterates alone, infact farming is never for Illiterates. I’m talking about agricultural science here. Your parents have little or no knowledge about agriculture, but you do, even though that wasn’t what you studied in School.

You are young, smart and intelligent. You have a smart phone or laptop and internet connection. Hit Google and YouTube and learn! Your parents cannot do that.

Your parents wait for wet season to farm, dry season for harvest. You as an intellectual, can command rain anytime with artificial farm tools.

Your parents only know of cassava, yam, corn, pepper and okro. But you should know more..and how to get them in abundance.

Do you know that majority of our Nigerian big boys in Malaysia are into farming? Likewise the rest in other foreign countries. Some do nanny and cleaning jobs. Story for another day sha.

Do you know why the Northers are still in power from generation to generation? I won’t tell you about it. Do some research on your own. Thanks.


Farming Is More Profitable Than Office Jobs In Nigeria

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