Celebrating Outer Edge Global Services @ 13Anniversary Note by the CEO Lady Oguoma Ochei2007- 2020

Celebrating Outer Edge Global Services @ 13
Anniversary Note by the CEO Lady Oguoma Ochei
2007- 2020
13years of Invention and Innovation. 13years of Quality Service Delivery. 13years of Uncommon Customer Care. 13years of Excellent Team work. 13years of Business Ingenuity. 13years of Outer Edge Global Services that is what we celebrate today! To God be all the glory! Like the grain of mustard seed that grows to become a huge tree, Outer Edge Global Services has metamorphosed from its small beginning into a leading Service Providing Company. We are here to celebrate this progression from start-up to scale-up of Outer Edge.

In 2007, this company became operational with a highly talented team of experienced professionals in airline business, tourism, and education. At Outer Edge the services we offer, inter alia, range from provision of tourism, information travel bureau, purchase of air ticket, booking arrangement for group tours, pilgrim services, to hotel reservation and general event management. Outer Edge is perfectly placed to advise her clients on economical fares to all destinations, and equally give consultancy services on visa requirements. We also offer services such as education counselling, student placements into various institutions abroad, visa counselling, and international student support services. We serve as a link between prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students and the best academic institutions that have proven to be at forefront of international education at various levels. We are an indigenous company with an understanding of the market, the culture and the terrain, both on the home front and abroad. At Outer Edge, we boast of a 100% success in visa application for students. We provide fast and efficient services to our clients while maintaining the tenets of good business practice with both our international partners and local competitors. At Outer Edge, we believe that when passion for excellence embraces professionalism, and uncommon commitment kisses competence, clients are guaranteed value for money. The synergy and symbiotic business relationship that exist between Outer Edge and organizations and companies like Federal Ministry of Finance (Economic Reform Unit, IFI, and other World Bank Assisted Units), Office of the

Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria, National Bureau of Statistics, Integrated Medical Industries, Starter Point Integrated Services Ltd, Alpha- Plus Associates, Pan Africa Health Foundation, and Lungi Consult to mention a few– this synergy and symbiotic business relationship between these organizations/companies and Outer Edge is an eloquent testimony to the enviable heights this company has attained. A feat such as this can only add value to the goals and aspirations of our clients


With an attitude of gratitude to God Almighty, I wish to inform you that this conglomerate that is constantly reinventing herself and broadening her horizons has also added academic training on her Service Providing menu. Lakeland School situated at Road 6922/6921, off Aliko Dangote, Gwarimpa Phase 2, is in partnership with Outer Edge to inculcate in school children right from a tender age, the passion for excellence in all spheres of life. In Service Providing, Outer Edge Global Services is second to none as it is poised and

positioned to serve you in a manner that no one else does. We believe in building relationships; and since our clients are the backbones of our organization we, therefore, go the extra mile to ensure that their goals are achieved. We carefully counsel and guide our clients on options and opportunities available to them, and source for institutions that will suit their aspirations and goals. We guide clients throughout the stages of the application process to ensure successful results. We provide guidance on living abroad and culture adaptation and we assist with securing conducive accommodation. We stay in touch during their studies, visit and attend graduation ceremonies where possible. We stay abreast of visa and immigration policies and keep our clients well-informed on such policies.

Indeed, Outer Edge has become a huge success story thanks to her incredible team of staff, and I am very proud to be part of this team. Without the commitment and professionalism of this team, the story would certainly have been different. Looking back on these last 13 years, we are overcome with emotions, and overwhelmed by your encouragement, support, love, and patronage. For these we say ‘a very big thank you’. You are not like a family to us, you are surely a family to us! You are the reason we are celebrating today. Thanks for being here this evening to celebrate with us. Outer Edge loves and appreciates you all! Looking toward the future, This Company promises to remain faithful to her original goal of providing an unparalleled hassle – free travel arrangements. Finally and most importantly, we give all thanks to God, the giver of all good gifts, the source and summit of our lives, in whom we live, and move and have our being. We humbly pray Him to continue to grant success to the works of our hands as we celebrate Outer Edge Global Services @ 13 today!

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