DO YOU AGREE? Rapper Drake Made Wizkid Popular In Africa (SEE HOW)

Academy Music Business says rapper Drake made Wizkid popular out of Africa.

See Tweet 

Personally, I disagree on this even though I don’t really vibe to Wizkid’s songs that much.

Wizkid have already made a name for himself in Africa before collaborating with Drake. It is because Wizkid was already doing well that’s why Drake called him for a collabo.

Wizkid carved a niche for himself. It’s been consistent hardwork. It should read this way:

Popular Nigerian Wizkid made Drake popular in Africa and saved his (Drake’s) dying music career. Drake music career was dying off before he met Wizkid.

Drake couldn’t even appear in the video of the song Wizkid featured him on.

And Wizkid has done 2 videos of that song and Drake didn’t appear on both

So how come Drake made him popular?

The market value of a track mostly depends on the talent of the artiste. Wizkid and drake’s collaboration is one of the best international collaborations. Drake got more listeners in Africa because of that collaboration and wizkid got more listeners in America. That’s what international collaborations are for.

Drake didn’t make Wizkid popular in Africa, Wizkid did.

What’s your take on this?

Rapper Drake Made Wizkid Popular In Africa -DO YOU AGREE?

Drop your comment below 

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