HIP HOP LOVERS!! Vic O VS MI Abaga – Who Do You Think Will Win This Rap Battle Challenge?

Twitter on fire, following the anticipated battle between Nigerian rappers, MI Abaga and Vic O.

Self acclaimed Africa’s best rapper, Vic O had challenged MI to a rap battle, and alleged that the former Choc City boss is scared to go head-to-head with him.

Vic O tweeted; “@MI_Abaga u be ma nigga…. But i challenge u to a #rapbattle And i will beat you.. Friendship apart..”

When a fan stated that he would win MI hands down in the rap battle, Vic O replied;

“Hahaha… @MI_Abaga won’t even accept coz he’s afraid me.. Holding the mic in front of him…
Coz the #musicmessiah”

However, it seems someone brought MI’s attention to the challenge, and he decided to honour it.

MI replied;

“Legend Vic O!!!!! Let’s start with an online battle!!! Tweet bars and I’ll tweet mine..”

Between Vic O And MI Abaga – Who Do You Think Will Win This Rap Battle Challenge?

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