Let’s Talk!! Davido Is An Hypocrite, He Wouldn’t Have Dropped His Album Yet If Wizkid Didn’t Drop “Made In Lagos”

First, let me let you guys know that I’m a big fan of Davido….

…. but I no dey gbadun him moves sometimes and I know some of you guys here too with working brain will understand what I’m talking about.

Let me even tell you something, I was happy when Wizkid snubbed or let me say didn’t thank Davido when he congratulated him about his Album release but thanked other artistes that congratulated him.

In case you missed the News, read it below 

Wizkid Snub Davido After He Congratulated Him On His Album Release

I believe Wizkid already knew Davido is an hypocrite and does not want to have anything to do with him.

Here Are Some Facts

➺ Davido is a business man and he know he would make more money if he drops his Album now but it will affect that of Wizkid.

Assuming Davido dropped his own Album first and Wizkid followed up, same thing will surely happened as all Media attention Wizkid’s album is enjoying will reduce as everyone will move on to the newest project in town.

➺ Davido dropping his Album now will fuel more enmity between them.

The comparison of both Albums will be damn too much and Social media will users will stay saying rubbish.

➺ It’s a childish move as we’ve seen a lot of big artistes postpone their Album release date when a colleague drops a project.

Davido is gingered to drop his own knowing all the negative implications involved on the part of his colleague.

Well, the title of this Post has said it all => Davido is an Hypocrite and I’m not sorry to say that because I will say it over and over again.

Do You Agree With Me On This Or You Disagree?

Please, have your say in the comment section let’s talk.

Drop your comments

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