Live US election 2020 live results: Joe Biden ‘winning the votes’ but Donald Trump threatens to sue – latest news

2020 2016 J. Biden(Dem.)264270 to winD. Trump(Rep.)21471,883,950 votes (51.2%)68,471,010 votes (48.8%) LAST UPDATED AT 02:55Full results and maps

Joe Biden has declared it was “clear” he had won the US presidential election as Donald Trump launched legal challenges with the result still in the balance.

On Wednesday night, Mr Biden was projected to have won Michigan and Wisconsin, putting him within touching distance of the White House.

The key states of Nevada and Georgia could be declaring in the next few hours – which means the next president of the United States could be known very shortly.

However, Mr Trump and his campaign have already claimed victory and are seeking to halt vote counts in battleground states through the courts, suggesting a turbulent few days to come.

Follow the latest updates below.

01:46am What’s taking so long in Nevada?

As with many states in the US, voting has been severely disrupted by the coronavirus epidemic. 

Joe Biden currently leads there by less than one percentage point. But the vote count has been delayed, meaning we are still hours away from knowing how the Silver State has voted.

In Nevada, counties are counting hundreds of thousands of postal votes in an unprecedented wave of remote voting.

Election officials in the state have already counted all in-person early votes, in-person Election Day votes and mail ballots up to November 2. Still to count are mail ballots received on Election Day and ballots received in the next week.

I hope you brought snacks.

Read more: Nevada 2020 election results: why is the vote count so delayed?

01:39am ‘All votes counted in Michigan’

Michigan’s secretary of state has said that all votes have now been counted in a state that has been called for Joe Biden.

Michigan – one of the Democrat’s target states in the American Midwest – was surprisingly won by Donald Trump in 2016.

Mr Trump has launched a lawsuit against the state, claiming voting has been rigged. Jocelyn Benson, the state’s secretary, has called the claim “frivolous”.

Dana Nessel, the state’s attorney general, insisted both parties and the public had been given access to the tallying “using a robust system of checks and balances to ensure that all ballots are counted fairly and accurately”.

01:20am Aussie bookmaker pays out on Biden

Washington does not know the result yet, but a bookmaker in Australia is already paying out on Joe Biden winning the election, Annelies Gartner reports from Perth.

Sportsbet has confirmed it will pay out on a Democrat win, despite the votes not yet being fully counted.

“We’re paying out early on Joe Biden to be elected President of the United States of America,” the bookmaker said, insisting they would still payout on Donald Trump if he wins on official result.

The bookmaker said in a statement that it had paid 23 million Australian dollars and over 100,000 bets to punters who backed Mr Biden.

“After CNN projected the state of Michigan would go to the Democrats and holding the ascendancy in Nevada and Arizona, the online bookmaker has deemed the lead unassailable,” Sportsbet said.

“We’ve seen enough, so why make the punters wait?”

01:06am Watch: Trump supporters file suit in Michigan to stop counting

At two convention centres in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Detroit, Michigan armies of volunteers are ploughing on as the world watches with bated breath, Nick Allen and Josie Ensor report.

Mr Trump’s campaign has filed a legal challenge to stop the count in Michigan, asserting it had not been allowed to observe ballots being opened.

In Detroit, Michigan emotions boiled over as Republican and Democrat observers poured in to the TCF Center to view the final votes being tallied. Election officials had agreed that 134 observers, known as “election challengers”, from each party would be allowed in, but soon reached capacity.

They blocked about 30 people, mostly Republicans, from entering the hall.

Watch Trump supporters trying to get into the hall in the video below:

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