Funny Photo!! Here’s What SWAT Will Do To The First Nigerian To Buy iPhone 12

Thank God the #EndSARS has finally ended but we don enter another one – SWAT!

For me, I think the SWAT is going to be the same SARS official but this time, with a different name.

Well, here’s a photo I saw on Twitter and this is how the SWAT official will be targetting the first Nigerian to buy the newly released iPhone 12.

In case you are one of the dummy thinking the SWAT will do better, you are deceiving yourself.

In fact, I wrote an Article that if PHCN is still doing rubbish the same way NEPA treated us back then, don’t expect anything good from SWAT or expect them to operate differently from SARS.

You all can read the Article below 

Let’s Talk!! If NEPA To PHCN Makes No Sense, SARS To SWAT Won’t Make Sense Too

So, don’t expect anything different from SWAT, you hear?

Goodluck to all of us for this Zoo 

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