intranet blogger : ‘Dating A Girl Like Me Is Risky’ – Erica Warns ugochukwu

Naija Lockdown housemate, Erica has cautioned his love interest, ugochukeu to be careful as dating her comes with its own risks.

Erica speaking to ugochukwu early Friday morning, August 28 as they cuddled in bed said, he is a busy person and after the reality show might not have time for her. He said:“I just think loving a guy like me is a bit so risky.” 

When Erica asked him to explain, Kiddwaya further added, “I’m all over the place.”

Erica then told Kidd that she would be busy too but that her love is based on trust. “I’ll be busy too. I have my own life. You have yours. I can only love you if I trust you,” Erica said. When Kidd asked her if she trusted him, Erica simply said “No.””Then you don’t love me. I want you to do what you want,” Kidd responded

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