Jay-Z’s $1.7 Million Luxury Ride Isn’t Easy to Purchase

Jay-Z and Beyoncé are more than likely the most powerful couple in the music industry, and their bank accounts are proof of it. Like most rappers, Jay-Z started from the bottom, but now he’s here with millions, if not billions, to his name.

His music empire, which includes a label and a music streaming service, have all been very successful. And of course, his wife, Beyoncé, who has been as successful, if not more successful than him, also has a lot of money to her name, and she also loves to give him expensive gifts, too.

And of course, Jay-Z likes to give himself gifts too, and one of them was a rare $1.7 million car. 

Jay-Z made his debut in 1996 with his album, Reasonable Doubt, and his career has blossomed since then. While his own music has become less and less important to his net worth, his recent albums have still been successful. 

Nowadays, Jay-Z is more businessman than rapper, as he owns sports bars, a popular record label, and of course, Tidal, the music streaming service that featured his music, Beyonce’s music, and many other popular artists’ music. 





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