Since the release of the Nokia 5.3, it has been generally receiving many favorable reviews. My impression of the device is that it ticks all the right boxes for its price range, and offers good design and build quality that we have come to expect from Nokia branded phones. Its not perfect though, as it could definitely do with some software optimizationthat would be able to get the best out of its inner components. Anyways, since my first video, I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding which current Nokia mid-ranger would be the best option to buy, and in this video I set out to answer this question, as well as see if it’s worth spending the extra money on the now aging Nokia 7.2. Video as follows:

So as you can see, its not as clear cut as the price would have had you expecting. The Nokia 5.3 excels in many areas despite being the cheaper device, while the little things go in favour of the Nokia 7.2. The video also covers performance, gaming, camera, battery life, as well as differences in design, so would recommend checking it out before making any conclusions.

Now over to you, which current Nokia midrange device is the best in your opinion, and why? Do any of the current offerings fulfill your needs? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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