Download Nollywood Movie:- Violent Wind

The crawling of a person is really not an act of goodness or good fellow. Silence is really not golden cos it can mean war! An adage says ”Evil men do, lives with them”. Uncle Ben(Emeka Onu) invented a serious chaos in the family of his late brother out of rage and bitterness. Uncle Obioma(Norbert Ezeani)) the ”Regarded” good uncle who was perceived to be a peace maker invented worst calamities which uncle ben was obilivious of…. Ugonna(Greg Obiakor) was hypnotized as a result of chasing shadows. Ugonna’s mother(Ngozi Ezeonu) was an easily penetrated sweet soul whose son convinced into chasing shadows without proper investigation… Chukwuemeka(Onny Michael) and his mother, Iruka(Ngozi Vitalis) were both calm but slowly they approached issues.

Starring: Ngozi Ezeonu, Onny Michael, Emeka Onu, Ngozi Vitalis


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