Nigeria nollywood Atcress Stella Damaris

Atcress Stella Damaris

said one needs to seriously define what success means to them individually in order to answer this. In fact, that needs to be addressed before you go any further. Your idea of success may not be the same as mine. As an actress, what do you want? Fame and fortune or do you just want to be a working actor or do

you just want to do one show and feel you did it well and that you have had enough? This profession, acting is just stupid brutal. You have to deal with rejection, you have to deal with being told you’re fat or ugly. You have to deal with critics who have never been on a stage or a film telling you that what you’re doing isn’t good enough. You have to deal with uncertainty, loneliness … the list goes on and on. The rewards are personal and fleeting. So, before you even get into it, make sure you want to get into it and then, define what you want out of it. If you don’t, others will do that for you. If others do it, you’re susceptible to scams and lies and nefarious folks who will use you for their own gain. If you let others define it, you will be

chasing someone else’s dream, one that you may not have the tools or the goods to fulfill and you’ll always feel like you’ve failed. Make sure you know what you want, how you define success and what you’re willing and able to give to achieve that. Once you’ve done that, then you can go after it 100%

Acting is a craft I personally have great respect for. I train actors in the Meisner Technique which is a quite a gruelling type of actor training. I am also an acting coach and mentor who continuously works with people who are consider entering the profession.

One of the first things I get people who want to be actors to do, is to ask themselves: what type of actor/actress do you want to be?

There are in fact a number of ways you can go about it, and they all depend on what type of actress you envision yourself to be. Another useful question to help you move in the right direction is, why do you want to be an actress?

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