The CEO of wapcodehub, ugochukwu ofurum net worth

This guy has really changed the blogging in Nigeria. wapcodehub began his blog using the free Google platform and,  back in  and has grown to a completely different level making his own blogs to be popular in Nigeria and Global, making his money. For example, wapcodehub name is known all across the country. This guy is one of the young most successful bloggers in 2018-2019. In he’s blog, According to 

and and,


Ugochukwu furum net worth ranges from  3 million Naira

, he is the first young  blogger in Nigeria to become a millionaire with his blogging business and this is an impressive achievement Read more of ugochukwu ofurum

The CEO of wapcodehub and naijawapload and 9jacodedhit also codedhit also the CEO of Rumup gang, popularly known as  zoomola chief priest, or younggee 

 He was born on 26th of December 1988 . 



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