Duduke” By Simi vs “Know You” By Ladipoe Ft. Simi – Which Do You Think Is A Bigger Hit?

It’s not easy to have two people singing with one voice at the same time (Pregnant Simi)

Apart from the lyrical and vocal professionalism she displayed on “Duduke“, her involvement in Ladipoe‘s song “Know You” is no doubt a blessing.

Both songs are currently tearing charts apart both in Nigeria and all over the world.

“Duduke” By Simi

Duduke” on the other hand is a definition of a good song sell itself.

There is no how this song will pop up on your speakers and you won’t listen to the end.

It is believed that Simi made the song for her unborn child but it’s also doing well as one of the best love songs in the music industry at the moment.

Listen & Download The Song Below:-


Know You” By Ladipoe Ft. Simi

Now, Nigerians all over social media are going crazy on social media with duet Tiktok videos of two lovers singing along to “Know You” by Ladipoe ft Simi.

If you and your bae have not tried a duet Tiktok video with the song, you’re missing out a whole lot.

Research had it that this song has actually been fixing broken and damaged relationship since it’s release


Guys, from you perception of the two songs, the question is

Between “Duduke” By Simi And “Know You” By Ladipoe Ft. Simi – Which Do You Think Is A Bigger Hit?

Drop your comments

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