LET’S DISCUSS!!! Cheating In Men – Do You Think It Is Controllable Or Not?

From time, men cheats even in a committed relationships and in marriage, it is definitely not new.

Till years to come people will cheat.

One of the funniest thing is, how people wonder if there can ever be a man on earth who does not cheat. Of course there is but where are they?

But Why do men cheat?

Women and wives are the reason why husbands will cheat.

That’s what most men say and because we like to dominate, a lot of people believe the man was left with just a choice and that’s to cheat. It’s a man world!!!

A man is moved by what he see, he sees his mate building houses, he is not moved, sees other men doing great he is not moved

When the thought of how the sound track or a camel toe of a woman looks like, he is moved physically, mentally, and spiritually.

At the end of everything, Are we to be blamed?

At the root of every decision , there are certain conditioning, beliefs and mindset. Too many wrong beliefs we have promoted about adultery

But the question here is

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