MUSIC REVIEW!!! With Rema’s New Song “Beamer” – Do You Think He’s Going To Do Better Than Fireboy & Joeboy Internationally?

Recently Mavin sonical act, Rema dishes out a new duo-tunes titled “Beamer (Bad Boys)” and “Rainbow” to make his entrance to the new year 2020.

On this piece, we’ll be talking more on the main release “Beamer” which was produced by the prolific and teeming Jamaican producer, Rvssian.

It is evident that Rema has been looking for ways to grow as an artist, and most importantly, push the afrobeat sound to the world.

Every move he makes seems to be working for him. He really hasn’t made a mistake with any song he’s dropped.

Listen to Rema’s “Beamer” below:


Beamer” is a dancehall infused afro-pop song. Dancehall rhythm meets afro melodies. A scintillating combination that everyone has been sleeping on.

These two genres are a match made in heaven and its only right you get two people who are great at each of the fields.

Rvssian made a very bouncy instrumental that could immediately hit the clubs and dancefloor anywhere in the world and have many on their feet dancing profusely.

Music lovers have tagged Rema’s musical style as the ‘Indian style‘ and we really can’t argue about that.

But if it sounds appealing to every class of lover around the world then I think the movement of Afrobeat to the world is still being upheld.

So Guys


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