Revealed! Could This Be The Reason Why Most Parents And People In Our Society Glorify Yahoo Boys? (A Must Read)

One of the most thriving enterprise in Nigeria today is criminality.

Criminality, especially in the area of internet gangsterism, widely known as Yahoo Yahoo.

Nigeria has the highest number of internet fraudsters in Africa and perhaps, one of the highest in the world.

However, majority of Nigerians and even the parents of most of the ‘yahoo boys’ are glorifying yahoo yahoo.

It is then that you will see people using phrase like ‘nobody holy pass’ to justify the reason for venturing into yahoo yahoo.

Most parents are even proud of their children doing yahoo yahoo, just because it is putting foods on their table.

It seems like poverty ravaging everyone is the reason parents are now showing solidarity for yahoo yahoo.

There are even some parents that buy laptops for their children and give their children all necessary support in their yahoo yahoo business.

Some other people blame yahoo yahoo on joblessness, the inability of government to provide jobs for them.

It is then that you will see people saying something like ‘when there’s no job we cannot kill ourselves’

These are just top reasons why some parents support their children doing yahoo yahoo.

In as much as it is illegal, I think it is wrong or what do you think?

What Other Reasons Do Parents Give To Glorify Yahoo Yahoo?

Do You Think Parents And The Society Should Be Glorifying Yahoo-Yahoo?

We want to hear from you all, drop your comments!

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