Let’s Talk! What Could Be The Motivation Behind Olamide’s Song “Wonma” – Did Something Happened?

Hello Everyone,

Let me introduce myself officially to you all, my name is Ofurum Emmanuel ugochukwu , a blogger of wapcodehub but you can address me as “younggee or WC Trouble Maker

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Let’s get down to business.

Every Song Has A Concept/Story Behind It

For every song released by an Artiste, there must be a motivation or event behind it. No artiste goes into the studio without something to talk about in his or her new song.

Well, I believe you all must have heard Olamide‘s new song “Wonma” off his newly released EP titled “999“? If you haven’t, then you must be living under the rock or inside the forest

What Could Be The Motivation Behind The Song “Wonma”?

Olamide in the song concluded that there is absolutely nothing you can do for Women to please them, last last them go still nack am.

Yes, I totally agree with him, nobody wins trying to please a woman, they are unpleasable. Just do your best so you don’t end up killing yourself trying to please any woman.

Now, the question on everyone’s lips based on the concept of the song is – Did Someone Collected Olamide’s Wife?

Someone Nacked My Babe Despite My Achievements? – Olamide

This must have been a surprise to Baddo

with all have got?

Olamide said even if you know Shina Pellar, buy Venza for a woman, take her to Dubai and do every great thing for a woman – Wonma Do(They will still f*ck her).

You can check out Olamide – Wonma (Lyrics) Here

I think Olamide was shocked despite all he had

» Despite all my Awards & Fame

» Despite me being one of the Hottest & Most celebrated Artiste in Nigeria

» Despite me sending you to America to enjoy your Life

» Despite me having a Bentley, Gwagon and various cars

» Despite me rolling with Shina Pellar and all the creme de la creme (big people) in Lagos and everything

Someone still ends up sleeping with my own Wife – emi Olamide? (A whole me Olamide)

Baba just decided to drop a Jam trying to narrate what happened to him to us without us knowing he was the one that they nack his wife despite all he has done and has in Life.

Well, now that we all know that Women are scum – I hope you don’t waste your Time and Money trying to please any Woman again

Thanks to Olamide for wake us up – na Baba you be sir
Now, let’s hear from you all

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