An American artist pokes fun at people’s passport photo shoots by creating hilarious scenes around them

  • London-based visual artist Max Siedentopf pushes the boundaries of passport photography in his series, “Passport Photos.”
  • Siedentopf pokes fun at restrictive passport-photo rules by setting up fake scenarios outside of the frame as people have their ID picture taken.
  • Although the cropped portraits in Siedentopf’s series fit passport-photo requirements, the zoomed-out pictures reveal bizarre and chaotic scenarios taking place.
  • The result is a series of hilarious images. One participant, for example, was taped to the wall during his photo shoot.
  • The cover of “Passport Photos” by Max Siedentopf.

Courtesy of Max Siedentopf

Most passport photo regulations require that subjects must directly face the camera, have a plain facial expression with a closed mouth, and stand in front of a plain, light-colored background. Through his project, Siedentopf explored these rigid rules and and looked for ways to make the process of taking a passport photo more unique.

“The regulations are so strict, it seems almost impossible for any kind of self-expression,” he told Insider.

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