Baby, Let’s Go And Do Blood Oath To Secure Our Relationship – Reply As A Boyfriend (Best Reply Wins)

For real, people do crazy things for love.

Most times some lovers who are blindly in love with each other do blood oath just to swear against cheating on each other.

Both in real life and in movies, incredibly bad thing do happen to a partner who cheat in relationship sealed with blood oaths.

Some will die while some run mad.

The funny thing is the oath will still stay active if one of the partner dies

That’s when the spirit of the dead partner will be disturbing the one alive just because they have taken blood oaths.

Guys, just imagine your girlfriend whom you love so much requested that you both take a blood oath just to ensure the relationship is secured and no other person will come between you guys.

She be like

Sweetheart, let’s go and do blood oath to secure relationship.

So that I can be sure you won’t cheat on me or dump me and you too can be sure I won’t cheat or dump you.

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