PLEASE HELP! My Girlfriend Demands A Lot, What Can I Do About It?

Hello guys,

We got this to our inbox:

Below is what the person sent (We didn’t edit)

Good morning all,

I need your little advice this morning, been thinking of this issue since last night about my girlfriend demanding and demanding..

She demands alot, she always wanna buy this and that. I don’t know what to use to qualify this,whenever she sees anything online maybe clothes or wigs, she will always show me that she wanna buy it that I should buy it for her and it’s very frequent she has never done anything on her own before.

Even if she wanna cook in her own house she’ll still ask me all she do is just to ask me, when she knows I’m a student like her.

I don’t just know what to do about this issue and it’s killing me all I just wanna ask is,

How can I stop all this? All I need is your advice please, don’t mind my grammar and no insult please. Thanks.

Everybody, Kindly advice this Young man on what to do

We beg you all.

Thank you

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