Please Advise!! I Commented “What A Nice Picture” On My Boss Photo & Now She’s Very Angry

Hello wapcodehub

A wapcodehub user just reached out to us via email to relay her story to us.

According to her

WAPCODEHUB WHATSAPP, I need your advice. My boss traveled out of the country and she posted a picture on her WhatsApp status which I commented on ‘what a nice pics’.

But to my surprise, she is taking it up.

I wrote “Good pm ma, what a nice look”.

She hasn’t confronted me but she told her housegirl that I will have to explain what I mean to her when she comes back.

Please, what should I do?

She needs your candid advice on how to go about it so her Madam doesn’t fire her or punish her.

If you find yourself in her shoe

What Would You Do To Resolve The Issue?

We want to hear from you all as regards this issue.

Drop your comment

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