Lets’s Talk! Have You Ever Been Accused Wrongly? (Read What Happened To Me At Ikeja)

Hello Everyone!

Something happened yesterday and up till now I’m still boiling from inside .

Okay, here is what happened. I set out around noon yesterday to get a new phone at Ikeja. While I was about to board a bus to Oshodi where I’d connect with a bus to Ikeja, I saw a glo Sim registration booth. I asked one of the reps when they’d leave, and she said 6 pm.

I promised to be back before then to get one. On my way back, around past 5, I went there and started the process. I was told to buy airtime immediately in order for the Sim card to work, which I obliged, and told them I’d buy #200 worth.

Immediately I collected my pack, I gave another lady who works with them and sells airtime #200.

She collected my card, put it in her phone, loaded it and handed my Sim back to me. I thanked her and was about to leave when she stopped me and asked that I pay her for the recharge card. When I told her I had paid already, she erupted like a volcano.

She began to raise her voice that passers-by stopped and began to watch us, she called me all sorts of names, ‘Thief’ being the most subtle of them.

Her stance when I dared leave, and leave her to her ramblings, was that of a woman who would hold a man’s collar and decorate his face with prints from hot slaps. She maintained I would not leave until I pay her, despite the fact that her colleagues asked me to go.

I was so embarrassed. #200 was and is not my problem, I just didn’t want to san’wo omo go.

Last last I had to give her another #200 before she quieted down and allowed me to leave.

Later in the evening, when I got home I put the Sim in my phone, and the first call I got was from the said lady’s colleague calling me to apologise on her behalf.

She said immediately I left, she saw the money and she’s ashamed of herself and couldn’t bring herself to calling me and telling me herself, that’s she’s indeed sorry… Blah! Blah!! Blah!!!

She said I should come back on Monday to get the money. I told her I don’t need the money again.

As I’m typing this, I’m so angry… Even with the apology and the offer to get my money back, I still feel cheated. Some of the people who witnessed our little drama would definitely not be there when she found the money. To them I might as well be what she painted me to be.

How did I do? Was I right to turn down the reimbursement? How should I have reacted?

If You Were In My Shoes How Would You Have Reacted?

Have You Ever Been Accused Wrongly?

I Will Be in The Comment Section.

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