NIGERIA IN TROUBLE? See What Donald Trump Tweeted Because He Feels Nigeria Is Supporting Iran

Some hours ago, we posted this article below, we want you all to read it so you can know the genesis of the whole problem

IRAN & US WAR – Hausa People (Shiites) Might Land Nigeria In Serious Trouble (See Why)

Wetin concern Nigeria (Hause people) with US or Iran issue? – we need to be careful.

Well, ever since the Shiites protested and burn US Flags in Abuja over the killing of Iran’s General some days back – US is of the opinion that Nigeria is supporting Iran.


I don’t think these Tweets are real but from what we have been seeing on Social media, it seems they are real.

Do you guys even know President Trump replied Fani Kayode‘s tweet as he condemned Muslims and even advise the US to deal with Iran? hmmm.

Below are some of Trump’s tweet making rounds on Social media.

NOTE:- These are unconfirmed tweets. We don’t know if they are real or not.


I think we need to let the US know that Nigeria and Nigerians have nothing against them neither are we supporting Iran nor the US in the on-going tension going on at the moment.

Also, we need to let them know the “Hausa” are just confused and their opinion/action does not define the intention of the whole nation.

We need to do this fast so even if US decides to fight Nigeria, they can face the Northern

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