We are celebrating one year of broken up as boyfriend and girlfriend

Am celebrating my one year today, when me and my beautiful queen letter come my ex girlfriend, broken up. Younggee and Cindy.

,,we agreed to marry as husband and wife But u run away since December 29th After having sex on December 29th 2018 time 9:30pm, ..

We have been together over some years Ago we went to St Bernard Catholic Church for our anniversary agreement of getting married as husband Wife, Chinsas Anyanwu Cynthia Run away over nothing because she have gotten all she needs fRom Mr younggee Ugochukwu Ofurum Emmanuel,

Today been December 31st 2018 is the Last day u left from without telling me, ,,,,
I wish I can get someone like you again ,I love you ugochukwu Ofurum Emmanuel

Am Anyanwu chinasa Cynthia writing this Latter to you ugochukwu Ofurum Emmanuel Known as younggee. Am sorry To hurt you

Don’t hurt me back

Am married now ugochukwu Ofurum Emmanuel But please I still love you with All my heart 😘 love you. My heart Ugochukwu Ofurum Emmanuel known As younggee

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