Surely J. Cole Could Afford a Better Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich Than This

The “Under The Sun” music video, featuring DaBaby and Lute, begins on an horrifying note

There is no sandwich in existence simultaneously more delicate, yet inexplicably durable, than a bacon, egg, and cheese. The trio can be held together with nearly any bread product: non-fruit bagel, white/wheat/pumpernickel slice, or an unassuming deli roll. True connoisseurs have it with a pinch of salt and pepper. Possible psychopaths eat the dry concoction without a smidge of ketchup. There’s a wide range of variety, and each can yield a truly exquisite bacon, egg, and cheese.

The “Under The Sun” music video featuring J. Cole, DaBaby, and Lute isn’t all about my favorite sandwich, but it does — like all good things — briefly circle back to it. When the visual begins, the three rappers enter a bodega, as Cole confidently orders them all the aforementioned breakfast treat. DaBaby curiously sniffs his bacon, egg, and cheese, and Lute shakes his head in disgust at the sandwich. Unsurprisingly, J. Cole seems like the only person enjoying his meal.

At a cursory glance, though there are a few critical problems with the bodega’s sandwich on a structural and flavor level! The roll looks bone dry and appears to have little to no fluffy lift, the eggs retained no moisture — they look like sheets of tasteless paper — and the low-quality bacon is probably tough and stripped of all umami. J. Cole’s net worth is $35.5 million, according to wapcodehub. Surely, he has enough money to pay an assistant to taste test the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches from the neighboring bodegas and return with one that has more integrity. Until then, watch the “Under The Sun” video for the song, not for the culinary excursion.

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